Creating a One-liner for your Business

Step-by-step guide from “Marketing made simple”

3 min readDec 18, 2023

While working on Brand messaging for Engagedly and its various offerings, I came across this book “Marketing made simple: A step-by-step storybrand guide for any business” by Donald Miller. Here are my notes on creating impactful one liners to grow your business.


The structure

In the fast-paced world of business, capturing your customer’s attention is crucial. Crafting a one-liner that succinctly addresses a problem, presents a solution, and outlines the resulting success can make a lasting impression. Here’s a guide to help you create a powerful one-liner that resonates with your audience.

1. Identifying the Problem: Be remembered in your customer’s mind

Stating the problem first will increase the perceived value of the solution you offer. Begin by pinpointing a problem that your company can genuinely solve. Avoid overwhelming your audience with every issue they might face — focus on what sets your business apart. Delve into the problems your competition may create and use them to distinguish your unique offering. Example: Marketing Agency…

“Most businesses lack time and expertise to build a website that gets results”

2. Presenting the Solution: Close the story loop

Connect the solution directly to the stated problem. Keep it concise, clear, and avoid unnecessary complexity. Don’t be too wordy. It may open up too many story loops. Keep it short. Don’t explain everything you do for your customers .Your solution is your product — make sure to incorporate your company name for brand recognition. Remember, clarity sells; avoid being too cute or clever. Example: “We have a new medicine for migraine headaches” vs “Make migraines a memory”. Example: Marketing Agency...

“At ABC Marketing we’ll build you an amazing website at an affordable price”

3. Highlighting the Result: Release the tension

Release the tension built in the first section by explaining the positive outcome your customers can expect. Connect it directly to the stated problem and solution. Clearly convey how they will feel and what they will gain after you’ve addressed their problem.

Keep it customer-centric, and limit success points to maintain brand focus. Success should be about your customer, not your company. Don’t end with sentences like “We can help you”. Keep it crisp. Commas are not your brand. Adding too much success will end up diluting your brand. Limit it to one our two points. Do not overpromise! Example: Marketing Agency…

“so you can stand out from your competition and get more leads that turn into customers”

Things to consider

Ensure your one-liner sounds good when spoken aloud. Sometimes what looks good on paper does not translate well when spoken. It should be simple enough to repeat easily. Refine it to the point where your entire team can memorize it. This way your entire staff is transformed into a salesforce.

Ways to use your one-liner

  • First paragraph in the About Us section on your website
  • Email signature
  • Back of business card
  • Profile descriptions on social media

Crafting an effective one-liner is an art that can set your business apart. It’s a powerful tool that aligns your team and resonates with your audience. Follow these steps, and watch as your brand message resonates with your audience, leaving a lasting impression in their minds.